Bermuda's Drive For Change Campaign

by Chelsea Oliver 19th July 2018


Road safety is a serious issue in Bermuda and The Royal Gazette's Drive For Change campaign advocates to make driving safer!


Through raising awareness, as well as the implementation of speed cameras, non-selective roadside sobriety testing and a mandatory graduated licensing programme, Drive For Change believes that lives can be saved. They have teamed up with A Piece of the Rock to spread the word throughout the community and are supported by the Bermuda Road Safety Council, Bermuda Police Service, anti-alcohol abuse charity Cada and the EMTs and emergency doctors of the Bermuda Hospitals Board. 


Drive For Change seeks to reduce death and injury on our roads, advocate for successful solutions and act as an educational tool for the public. For stats, photos, videos, articles and more, please click here

Posted by ChelseO
Thursday, 19th July 2018, 07:27pm.
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