How to Conserve Water in Bermuda

by Chelsea Oliver 13th July 2018


Much of Bermuda's water is collected on roofs and stored in tanks and this unique system makes water a precious Island commodity during dry weather.


To conserve water - and keep your tank clean - follow these helpful tips from the Ministry of Works and Engineering and Housing, the Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Protections.


  1. Install fixtures for low water use
  2. Regularly inspect fixtures and water tanks
  3. Repair leaks as quickly as possible
  4. Washing your car? Use a bucket instead of a hose 
  5. Take short showers instead of baths
  6. Water lawns and gardens minimally 
  7. Turn water off when it is not in use 
  8. Wash full size loads of laundry
  9. Order appropriate amounts of water
  10. Leave room for rainfall in your water tank
Posted by ChelseO
13th July 2018 12:00 am.
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